Clarksville Tax and Accounting

In order to reflect our current services offered, we have changed our name to Clarksville Tax and Business Services.


In 1983, Jerry Harris decided to take over for the retiring Eulavee Hines.  He purchased her income tax business and started Clarksville Tax and Accounting.  Over the years, Jerry  accumulated experience in all aspects of taxes and bookkeeping.  He became expert in Federal Income Tax regulations and Texas State Tax matters.  In June of 2010, Paul Hines joined Jerry to expand the service capability of Clarksville Tax to make sure every client received the best service available.  In 2014, they changed the name from Clarksville Tax and Accounting to Clarksville Tax and Business Services.  Sadly, Jerry passed away on July 24, 2017.  Paul took over the business as he had promised Jerry he would.  Paul is an Enrolled Agent which means that he can represent clients at any level before the IRS.  To find out more about Enrolled Agents, click here .